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A popular Indian summer dessert drink traditionally made with milk, rose syrup, sev and sweet basil seeds. Topped with vanilla ice cream and nuts, this delicacy can also be served as a rich dessert.

#5 ingredients

Falooda is an Indian version of a cold dessert made with vermicelli. Very popular in India during summer season and is served in restaurants as well as street joints. Traditionally it is made by layering rose syrup, falooda sev, and sweet basil seeds with milk, and served with ice cream and nuts. Chia seeds are a great replacement for sweet basil seeds, and rice/ wheat vermicelli can replace the traditional falooda sev.


Serves 2 Prep Time 3 hrs Cook time 10 min


2 cups Whole milk

2 tbsp Rose syrup #roohafza

4 tbsp falooda sev

2 tbsp sweet basil seeds or chia seeds

2 scoops Vanilla ice cream

2 tbsp nuts for garnish


1. Soak Chia seeds in water for at least 3 hours

2. Boil falooda sev or vermicelli as per package instructions.

3. Take 2 serving glasses and start layering the ingredients.

4. First in goes the rose syrup followed by the vermicelli. Add in the soaked seeds and fill the cup with chilled milk.

4. Top the glass with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

5. Garnish with the sliced nuts of choice.


Best when served immediately. More of a dessert drink, so serve with a straw and a spoon!

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