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About Me


Behind the ladle and the lens!

I'm Shalini Vemuri. I am the content creator, food photographer and food stylist behind Aromatic Project. 


My passion for food and photography makes me cherish regional Indian delicacies and classic world cuisine with equal flair. I hail from southern India and have lived overseas for over 15 years now. My cooking is based on the concept of eating fresh, seasonal produce and indulging in comfort food created from authentic recipes and ingredients.  As a vegetarian from birth, I incorporate a lot of green leafy vegetables, lentils, grains, fruits, condiments and other plant based protein and vitamin rich elements in my recipes. I also actively look for healthy alternatives in my day to day cooking. 

The Indian subcontinent is rich in peppers and spices which present a lot of flavors. You will see me host a galore of Indian family delicacies whose recipes were passed down through generations. Aromatic project also offers my favorite international selections , that are not only pleasing to the eye but to the palate as well.  

The photographs on Aromatic Project will lure you to try all the recipes. They are very simple and easy. Savor the unique tastes, flavors and aromas as you enjoy these creations with your loved ones! 

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