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Pomegranate Raitha

A refreshing and fruity raitha with the goodness of pomegranate and fresh mint! Sprinkled with toasted spices for the zing and pizzazz. Simple and delicious treat!

Raita is an Indian condiment that is made of yogurt and usually served with main dishes like Biryani, flavored rice or anything that is rich in spices. The typical raita has onions, tomatoes, green chillis or may also be made with cucumber.

When life gives you pomegranates, make the most of it! We harvested some red sweet and tart fruits from our very own tree. It's our first batch and we are more than excited about it. So, that called for a fruity twist to the conventional raita. The fruit offers a myriad of health benefits and the vibrant pink color pairs well with protein rich yogurt. What better than top it with some home grown mint!

The versatility of this dish is exceptional. Slather it on bread along with some freshly sliced cucumber to make a sandwich or serve it along with some yummy and spicy chips as a dip or it can be accompanied the traditional way with Indian dishes. It can also be served as is for a healthy snack. If you want to get really creative use it as a salad dressing in place of ranch!


Serves 3 Ready in 10 min


Pearls from 1 Pomegranate

2 cups of thick Yogurt

1 tsp Cumin powder

1 tsp Chat masala

1 tsp Pepper powder

1 tsp Mint chopped

Salt to taste


1. In a medium sized bowl add in the yogurt and whisk it until smooth.

2. Peel the pomegranate and remove the pearls.

3. Chop the mint leaves fine.

4. Add in the cumin powder, chat masala, pepper and salt to the taste to the yogurt and mix it. Add a bit of water for your desired consistency.

5. Stir in the pomegranate pearls and chopped mint. Add salt to taste.


Serve this refreshing raitha cool or at room temperature as a condiment or can be served as is for a delicious healthy snack!

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