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Pita pizza with Hummus

A lip-smacking Middle eastern twist to the classic pizza! A quick and healthy dish that truly packs a punch! Makes a wonderful meal on the go. Must try!

Pita or pitta, is a family of yeast-leavened round flatbreads baked from wheat flour, common in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and neighboring areas. It includes the widely known version with an interior pocket, also known as Arabic bread, Syrian bread, and other names, as well as a version without pocket such as the Greek pita, used to wrap souvlaki. I have used a Greek pita in this recipe.

A healthy meal doesn't always call for a laborious cooking process or skill. Something put together real quick can also make a wonderful satisfying meal. I will elaborate on the hummus recipe in future posts but for now just grab a tub of Red pepper hummus or any hummus of choice, a pack of pitas and your favorite salad and you are good to go!

I prefer the red pepper hummus as it really gives a kick to the pita pizza. Give the recipe below a try and let your creativity and imagination fly high while you make your next pie. So simple that kids can assemble one of these in a jiffy!

If you are in the mood for Indian food, replace hummus with channa masala :)


Ready in 15 min


Red pepper Hummus - 3 tbps per Pita


Tomatoes or Cherry Tomatoes

Salad mix of choice ( Kale, sprouts, spinach, Arugula)

1 tsp crushed black pepper

To serve with Yogurt Dill dressing

Yogurt with a dash of pepper & salt

Dill leaves

Mix the above in a bowl for a dressing but its optional. Vegan friends can use a vegan ranch dressing instead of the yogurt.


1. Take a skillet and warm the pita bread.

2. Place it on a plate and apply hummus generously.

3. Add in the salad mix, cucumbers and tomatoes as toppings.

4. Sprinkle some black pepper.

5. Add in the yogurt dill dressing or a Tzatziki dressing on top or serve on the side.

6. That's it. Serve as wedges or with a fork and knife to dig in!


Make a single fold and wrap it in a sandwich bag for a meal on the go. If you plan to do that just pack the dressing on the side.

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