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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

A traditional tart and spicy instant Indian pickle is a specialty from Andhra cuisine. Yellow cucumber marinated in fresh pungent spices and sesame oil gives it a unique flavor and aroma. A must try!

Dosakaya is yellow round cucumber which is tart yet mildly sweet. Indian pickle is called Avakaya in Telugu. Hence the name, Dosavakaya. This is an instant pickle that doesn't involve any Sun drying. It can be served soon after making, but tastes best after 24 hours. It can be put together real quick and often served as a part of a wedding feast and during festivals.

Indian pickle is not to be confused with the American version of Cucumbers soaked in Vinegar. They are completely different. Key ingredients for Dosavakaya are Dosakaya, Ground Mustard seeds, Chilli powder, Sesame Oil and salt. Tastes amazing with hot rice and ghee (clarified butter), yogurt rice and can also used be used as a spicy spread.

Important to note that all the utensils and containers used during preparation should not have any moisture and be completely dry. Make sure to use a clean and dry spoon even while serving to retain the 10 day shelf life of this pickle. If the container in which the pickle is stored or the spoons contain moisture, the pickle will go bad rather quickly.

Dosakaya can be found in Indian stores outside of India. If you can't find Dosakaya the same pickle can be made with Granny Smith apples. But, please don't replace the Chili powder with Paprika, it is not a good replacement in this case.


Makes a 14oz Jar Ready in 20 min


2 cups chopped Dosakaya ( 1 medium sized Dosakaya)

2 tbsp Ground Mustard seeds

3 tbsp Chilli powder

2 tbsp Salt

1/4 cup Sesame oil


1. Wash a dosakaya, peel and wipe it dry . Cut it in half, de-seed and cut it into small pieces

2. Take a medium sized bowl and add the chopped dosakaya pieces.

3. Grind mustard seeds into a powder. Again, make sure there is no moisture in the blender.

4. Take a clean and dry spoon, and add the mustard powder to the bowl with Dosakaya pieces. Toss in the salt as well and stir.

5. Take a pan and slightly warm the oil. Add the chilli powder to the oil, give a quick mix and add this mixture into the bowl.

6. Mix all the ingredients with the spoons and the pieces should be very well coated.

7. Check for salt, and add more if required.

8. Secure the bowl with a lid or a cling wrap and set aside for 24 hours. Pickle is now ready to be served.

9. Transfer the contents to a clean and dry jar and refrigerate to maintain the shelf life and freshness. Consume within 10 days, I will be surprised it it lasts that long given how tasty it is!


Serve with hot rice and ghee. Makes a great side dish to yogurt rice and served with Dhal as well.

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